More than often, we need to bind an object to a function’s this object. JS uses the bind method when this is specified explicitly and we need to invoke desired method.

Bind syntax

fun.bind(thisArg[, arg1[, arg2[, ...]]])



this parameter value to be passed to target function while calling the bound function.

arg1, arg2, …

Prepended arguments to be passed to the bound function while invoking the target function.

Return value

A copy of the given function along with the specified this value and initial arguments.

Bind method in action in JS

const myCar = {
 brand: 'Ford',
 type: 'Sedan'
 Color: Red

const getBrand = () => {

const getType = () => {

const getColor = () => {

getBrand(); // object not bind,undefined

getBrand(myCar); // object not bind,undefined

getType.bind(myCar)(); // Sedan

getColor.bind(myCar); // Red