In case of established websocket connection, server or firewall could timeout and terminate the connection after a period of inactivity. To deal with this situation, we send periodic message to the server. To control the timeout we will add two functions in our code : one to make sure connection keep alive and another one to cancel the keep alive. Also we need a common timerID variable. Let’s have a look on implementation-

var timerID = 0; 
function keepAlive() { 
    var timeout = 20000;  
    if (webSocket.readyState == webSocket.OPEN) {  
    timerId = setTimeout(keepAlive, timeout);  
function cancelKeepAlive() {  
    if (timerId) {  

Now as we have both of our desired function for the task, we will place keepAlive() function at the end of onOpen() method of websocket connection and cancelKeepAlive() function at the end of onClose() method of websocket connection.

Yes! We have perfectly implemented hack for websocket timeout problem.